"He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened"

Lao Tzu

Couple Counselling

Our sense of identity and self worth is determined by our relationships, not only with others but with ourselves, and we can become stuck in patterns that are neither helpful nor healthy and restrict our ability to sustain successful relationships.

Relationship counselling is different to individual therapy in that it focuses on how you and your partner interact with each other and not on each individual's emotional state.

Our ways of relating are learned at a young age in the family in which we grew up. Couple counselling can help you and your partner to identify these unhealthy and unhelpful patterns that are impacting on your relationship – the aim of the work undertaken focuses on identifying the conflicting issues and working towards a more optimistic and compatible future either within your present relationship, or apart.

Couple counselling can also help to gain a more in depth understanding of your relationship and of each other, enabling you both to strengthen, develop and enhance your relationship.

For those couples who are planning to marry it can allow you to explore your attitudes, differences and future expectations for your relationship, supporting you to build a healthy and sustainable relationship.

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"ABSOLUTELY fantastic on all counts, Sue was great and very professional, impartial, effective with a great outcome for us."

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